About Us…

Hello! Glad you are Here…  I am Heather, a wife, a mom ( to the most amazing kid EVER!) and the owner of Port City Event Planners. A planning company built with a passion for design and the process of recreating your story through the details of every event. I believe that every moment and element incorporated into your event should be done with purpose, be personal and relevant to you or your brand. It should be well thought out, and flawlessly executed, this is where we can help. It is my job to get to know you and learn all the things that make you or your business unique. And then, to obsess over the details that will communicate your story without any words. I believe that the journey of planning should be just as fun and memorable as the wedding or event it’s self. We love what we do, the people and relationships we build doing it, and we WILL have fun doing it with you!
So here you are at our blog – what can you expect to find…. I want this space to be a place that shares many of the beautiful and fun memories that we have been a part of with our clients over the past 10 years. A place to share tips, tricks, advice, and inspire you as you plan your next event. We want to show case not only what we do, how we do it, and why we do things the way we do. We hope to be a resource of knowledge and ideas to help you tell your story through your own event. From weddings and corporate events, kids parties, baby showers, to the attempts at crafty mom life moments… We we want show and tell it all… the love, laughter, crazy ideas, major successes, and the occasional Pinterest fail ( they happen to all of us). So I thank you for being here, I hope you enjoy, and as always…I wish you all Happy Planning!

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