Sweetheart Tables – Yay or Nay?

Okay – So you are in full swing of wedding planning… Venue- Check, Caterer-check,  Flowers and awesome design plan- check… Layout and Seating Arrangements – uhhhh….Hmmmm?!?  Don’t worry we got you. Let’s talk this out and figure out what is the best direction for you. Okay so step one to creating a layout and seating arrangement is to determine where you and your new spouse (yep,  you are about to have a spouse… super exciting to think about right! ) would like to sit.


Personally we LOVE a sweetheart table, but that does not mean that it is right for every couple. Let’s look at some pros and cons of the sweetheart Table, and hopefully offer you a path to deciding what is right for you.

You can get Fancy! It is an opportunity to create something unique, fun, more elaborate, or special to integrate into your wedding design. Whether it be by adding special linen, centerpieces, signage, hanging a dramatic lighting or floral centerpiece above or creating a show stopping backdrop. The sweetheart table often becomes focal point for your reception decor and a place create some WoW without breaking the bank. Think about it like this… let’s say,  you absolutely fall in love that beautiful hammer copper charger, with matching silverware, and the oh so stunning King Louis XVI chairs (don’t we all) but your budget will not allow that for you 150 guest attending your wedding. Well… don’t give it up completely, the sweetheart table is the perfect place to pull that Pinterest perfect design you came up with but you only have to pay for 2, and you and your boo came feel as special as you are on this day!
For the Couple who may not love being the center of attention, the all eyes on you may just create way to much anxiety or nervous energy. All thought the day is all about you, some couples do not feel as comfortable and would prefer to be surrounded by their tribe at all times to share in the spotlight. If this sounds like you, a head table may be a way for you to go.


Getting to avoid some of the Drama!!!! Let’s face it we all love our families, but sometimes trying to sort out family dynamics can be a bit of a challenge. Opting to sit at a sweetheart tables can help you avoid hurt feelings and complicated conversations. It will more easily allow for your wedding party to sit with their dates and spouses, and family members who may rather sit apart from one another to do so. Typically when you think of a head table you envision a beautiful row of matching bridesmaids and groomsmen, with the stunning bride and groom perfectly center as the whole room raises a glass to toast in celebration. In reality… this many times turns into one of two things….1.  one massively over sized head table with your wedding party, their spouse/dates (whose wardrobe most likely is not a perfect match to your wedding design) sprinkled throughout the table and sometimes this may even include the kids  2. Your beautiful head table you envisioned, but with hurt feelings, and disappointed wedding party and/or spouses for not being able to sit together.
Sitting at a head table or with your family and friends allows you to immerse yourself in the company of your love ones.


Alone at Last, well for a few minutes at least… A sweetheart table can provide a little ( and we do mean a little) bit of alone time with your new spouse, to breathe… take it all in… and realize that you just got MARRIED, yay!  Having a few moments to eat your first meal as husband and wife together, to talk with one another about what you are experiencing and celebrate that the two of you are one is kinda a big deal. Every moment of your day has been up to this point, and will be for the remainder of the night fully  immersed celebrating and congratulatory hugs and conversations with mostly everyone else at your wedding except your new hubby or wife…. It is okay, even recommended to carve out a few moments of time for just the two of you throughout the day ( whether that is at dinner or other times throughout the day)

Side note idea – if this alone time is what attracts you to the idea of a sweetheart table.. you may also consider setting up your sweetheart table in a super romantic spot outside of the main dining room to allow you to actually eat and talk without constant interruption from all your guest eager to congratulate you. Whether it is your own private patio, a dock on the water, under a beautiful tree, a private balcony, or under your ceremony pergola… the ideas are endless.

Con: Depending on your guest and wedding party some may feel a if you are isolating yourself from them. *However if you plan to walk around and greet guest at their tables you can easily combat this possible feeling.

Consider This: 
SPACING- on top of all of the above from the heart factors of whether or not your SHOULD have a sweetheart table… logistics may be the ultimate factor in whether or not you CAN have one. Your venue, guest count, size and shape size and shape of the room, tables, and dance floor can all have a huge impact on the ultimate layout of your space. Also the number of people in your wedding party… If you have a large venue and you are you are not close to the maxing out the capacity of the space…. this may not be an issue. But, if you have a wedding party with 10 guys and 10 girls, many venues may have a hard time fitting a head table for 22 easily in the space. If  have a venue that holds 150 people and you have 149 guest attending, it may be a little tricky to work out that additional space for the perfectly planned sweetheart table. Not to say either of these options can’t be done, just a little food for thought!

As always – It’s your day, it’s your decision! Do what makes you Happy!

Cheers and Happy Planning!


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